After your free 15 day trial, you will need to deposit some funds to continue lending. You won't be charged during your trial period.

5% Commission

We charge a 5% commission on the interest that you earn. No cure, no pay. Your account balance is nominated in bitcoin.

If you earn interest in another currency than Bitcoin, we will use the corresponding Bitfinex exchange rate (at time of loan repayment) to determine what to deduct from your account balance.

Payment in Litecoin / Ethereum

Depositing funds in Ethereum or Litecoin will result in an immediate and irreversible conversion to Bitcoin (Bitfinex exchange rate).


You can also earn free account balance by referring our service to a friend! When you refer a friend and your friend deposits worth of 5$, you both receive 5$ in BTC equivalent on your account balance. Make sure to let your friend use your personal referral link that can be found in your personal account page.


If you would like to get your account balance refunded, just contact and make sure to include your account details.