About Marcopolobot

We are based in Utrecht, the Netherlands and we have taken residence nearby Utrecht University, in UtrechtInc. Our focus is to provide you reliable, high lending returns and an interface that is easy to use. We are working every day to improve the algorithm and the web application.

After a year of lending out cryptocurrencies ourselves with our own bots, we decided to put more time into this and make it more easily accessible for non-programmers.

Meet The Team

Kai Bakker (Founder - Software Engineer)
After graduating from Mathematics and Software Engineering at Utrecht University and the University of Amsterdam, Kai has led a software team in developing SaaS products as a product owner at Ixly. With 9 years of programming experience Kai’s main focus lies on the back-end of the website and developing the software architecture to maintain a high standard of reliability and security. Kai is specialized in developing modern, real-time software applications, rapid prototyping and designing and building a reliable software architecture.

Guus Baggen (Founder - Financial Analyst)
Guus has graduated in Natural Sciences with a Masters in International Economics & Business at Utrecht University. He served as a developer for companies like Incentro and ICT-Insight and has contracted for several others as a web developer. With his expertise in the fields of data analysis, finance and front-end web development, Guus is responsible for the lending strategy and the web application.

Christian Van Der Haagen (Advisor)
Christian is a multicultural Entrepreneurial Executive with a proven successful international track record as General Manager at Procter & Gamble, Diageo(UDV, Guinness, Pillsbury, Burger King), Del Monte and Private Equity/Venture Capitalist backed portfolio companies. Chris takes an advisory role in Marcopolobot.

Contact Us

E-mail: Support@marcopolobot.com
Phone +31649802859

Padualaan 8, 3584 CH Utrecht